The Good, The Bad, The Unforgettable: Dragon Warrior


So, to be a little bit biased, this is actually what I am currently playing on the Nintendo spectrum and I couldn’t be any more surprised/aware of how this game basically changed the modern RPG genre.  The game, being the earliest rendition of what is currently known as Dragon Questin North America, utilizes monsters such as slimes and is listed as number 8 on IGN’s list of top 100 NES games of all time.  Considering the time of release, developers Enix and CHunsoft thought it wouldn’t see the light of day in popular mainstream due to the fact that JRPG titles were still very niche, (Final Fantasy had yet to release on the console so with that knowledge, imagine trying to sell an JRPG to a North American audience).  It is the first in a trilogy set simply known as the Dragon Warrior series consisting of this one, it’s sequel Dragon Warrior II and its sequel Dragon Warrior III.  It shares the timeline in which you are a stranger, one whom you are free to name once you start, is tasked with saving the land’s princess from the Dragonlord. You are asked to go to the desert to unveil a tablet that was inscribed by Erdrick, the hero of the backstory, that gives you insight on defeating the Dragonlord.

maxresdefault (8)

You must save the princess as well as restore light to the land.  Of course, the game also has its secret, similar to most NES games of the time.  Once you are face to face with the Dragonlord, you are given a dialogue option; side with the Dragonlord or face him.  Of course, there are negative consequences to spending all of your time trying to get to this point and not doing what you are supposed to do considering the fact that if you side with him, the game freezes and your save file gets deleted. If you challenge him, you are given the kingdom of Alefgard though the hero refuses, paving the way to the second game where he takes the princess with him on journey to find his own kingdom.

It is definitely a very interesting game but the real reason it is my Throwback Thursday isn’t completely just because I am currently playing it, but because this series defined JRPG games over basically all consoles.  DS and 3DS harbored Dragon Quest games just as PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 did.  Gamers of all kind recognize the title and respect it as both a very popular series as well as one that has held its value over time, (or at least I personally have never played a bad Dragon Quest game).   Lastly, it’s the thirtieth anniversary of Dragon Quest so, why not?!

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