Netflix Movie of the Week: Small Soldiers

small soldiers poster.jpgSmall Soldiers was one of my favorite movies growing up, now going back to watch it the cheesiness still holds up. When a toy company decides to put missile technology inside of their new line of action figure, but they aren’t all friendly as half of the new group of toys begin to attack the neighborhood in chase of the Gorgonites. Why lie? Small Soldiers hits almost every action movie cliche, but its fucking wonderful for it, seeing this onslaught of action figures being chopped and hacked by Gregory Smith and a Young Kirsten Dunst (which I had a massive crush on in my younger years  aka. Mary Jane) with help from the Gorgonites who just want to live their lives. This young adult action flick, directed by Joe Dante (who directed Gremlins 1 and 2), so you get that cheesy 80’s movie with that cheesy 90’s action movie and he blends it in such a way that you’re mesmerized by all the cheesiness (you can’t help but realize you‘ve already reached the bottom of your bag of popcorn and you still have another half of the movie to go).  With the writing team of Gavin Scott, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, and Adam Rifkin adding modern day morality issues to such a 90’s movie, integrated in way that would give moral standards to the youth of the time (plus whdoesn’t like seeing action figures ripped to shreds?). If you’re browsing through Netflix and don’t know what to watch go ahead and give Small Soldiers a shot.critique-small-soldiers-dante43.jpg

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