The Good, The Bad, The Unforgettable: The Order 1886

the-order-1886-listing-thumb-ps4-us-09un14 (1)

This is the first Sadistic Saturday that we post here so we wanted to make it special.  We decided that since their newest title, DeFormers, was just announced, Ready at Dawn would be a perfect target for our rant of a game that was incredibly hyped and then completely failed to deliver.  The Order 1886 was meant to be this incredible game that mixed in mythological monsters with steampunk-esque aesthetics while playing like a Gears of War game.  The end result only allowed for one of those things.  To put it into perspective, the game was about six hours long, (not that the length of the game hinders its ability to be any good), and made paying customers seem a little bit like fools for picking it up.

You play as protagonist Sir Galahad, a soldier in a team of people called the Order that specialize in eliminating the half breed attack on London, (half human, half animal).  His mentor, Sir Percival, and himself discover that there are another type of half breed plaguing the city, Lycans, and they go to the rebel hideout of Whitechapel to see what’s going on. You are joined by Lady Igraine and Marquis de Lafayette.  The end result is that you fight the main Lycan and the game ends.  The game had incredible potential, especially with adding mythological elements that are usually only found in blockbuster films, but fell short in terms of gameplay, length, and a number of other elements.  The biggest opportunity that the developers was in the cut scenes, or rather, in how many they had and how they dictated the story as opposed to the gameplay itself.  To say that a lot of the game was simply just cut scenes is an understatement, the entirety of it basically was, and not in that, ‘Uncharted is a great series and the graphics make it so that the cut scenes and gameplay roll flawlessly’.  That and the fact that most interactions were rel=placed by quick time events, and not in a Shenmue way.

The Order: 1886_20150219160209

The sense of control was completely destroyed and it alongside the boss fights themselves, being completely disappointing and lacking any real satisfaction.  It lost it’s replayability as a whole as well as the respect of those who played the game, (unless they are super into the graphics and nothing more than that matters to them).  It makes me hope that they either never do a sequel for the game or try their best to redeem it through any other medium that isn’t a video game.

Here’s the Rant:

I rented the game from a buddy the day it came out, he had already finished it and we were joking about the fact that we both might be able to finish it on the same day having played it at two separate times.  Sure enough, i picked it up and was completely immersed in the atmosphere, characters, and the dialogue of the game.  Unfortunately, the feeling began to dissipate as the game went on, turning from admiration to complete disappointment.  It was sad to see something that had such potential dropped in a way that not only made the developers look bad, but Playstation as well for having it be exclusive to them.  I have never played a terrible Playstation exclusive and this one being the way that it was, I lost respect for Sony in pushing something that was clearly so terrible.  That being said, I was completely taken back by Bloodborne and Infamous: Second Son but they will never give me back the game that I had desperately waited for since it was announced.

End Rant.

Check out the trailer for the game below, (and cringe at how great it looked BEFORE it came out):



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