Games In My Pants: Nonstop Knight

mpmstop knight title.jpg
Creators of Royal Revolt, Flare Games  bring another great game to your phone with Nonstop knight. Nonstop Knight is a fun little mobile 3D dungeon crawler that is a great addictive time passer, and it’s one of those games that likes to reward you while you’re away, so it’s nice a nice treat whenever you come back. As you travel further into the dungeon learning new abilities and leveling up your knight as you slay skeletons, , goo blocks and much more.

Earning gold as you slay down your enemies to upgrade your weapons and gear to help you on your journey. Occasionally you do get that lucky chest drop with an item that can come in handy or that you might just want to sell for some extra gold pieces when you finish a level, or kill a boss. With a certain set of abilities you start out with collecting runes to enhance them or learn some new abilities and replace some of the old ones that just aren’t as useful anymore as you traverse deeper into the dungeon. With an endless dungeon you can literally play this game for the rest of your life, taking breaks as you please with your little buddy earning you some gold. Nonstop Knight is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store costing you absolutely nothing and don’t forget to check out the rest of Flare Games library.nonstop knight.jpg

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