Games In My Pants: Don’t Get Fired!

DGF 1This weeks game buzzing in my pants is thanks to Don’t Get Fired!, a little indie RPG brought to you by an even smaller game developer in Quick Turtle.  Hassled by your parents to get a part time job anywhere, you decide to push pass what they say and pursue your passion in some corporate office. After getting rejected a few times you finally land a position as an intern in some big office. Working your way up the corporate ladder is no easy feat, constantly getting fired or resigning to do various reasons (work fatigue, a critical error, a lack of work for you to do, even missing a project, or bringing the wrong kind of nuts).

After getting fired a couple times you should be able to pick up the lay of the land, and be able to get a promotion or two in before you’re disappointingly let go, but as you climb the corporate ladder you’ll gain experience and become able to upgrade yourself to work harder, faster, and more charismatic so you’ll be able to smooth talk your way to another promotion. Surviving in a modern day Korean company isn’t all that easy as you’ll learn by your 30th company you join that you’re absolutely useless and that you can and will be let go for any and every reason possible, so it is in your favor to not get to down on yourself when you can’t keep a job.

With only two games under their belt, QuickTurtle is quickly becoming a great mobile gaming developer, but why should you listen to me, I’m an idiot on the internet. You can download Don’t get fired! yourself on the Google Play Store and the App Store for free and don’t forget to let us know what you think of Don’t Get Fired!DGF2.png

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