E3 2016: Frank West is Back and in the Christmas Spirit in ‘Dead Rising 4’


If you missed Microsoft’s conference this past Monday, then you missed Frank West killing zombies while the audience was being drenched in artificial snow.  That’s right, Dead Rising is back and stars our favorite photographer/reporter with a much more charismatic personality than before.  The trailer shows off the open world of Willamette, as well as the inside of a mall from the first game, that can be explored in order to wreak havoc and kill zombies for pleasure more than any other reason.  The biggest announcement in the trailer doesn’t come from the weapons or the combination of weapons that can be used, but the flurry of new ways to destroy your enemies.  Frank will be utilizing three different categories of weapons that can be switched through three of the face buttons on the controller.

These are ranged, melee, and throwing weapons.  The transformative weapons and now armor have also been upgraded in reference to previous games and include things like a mech suit that has a heavier attack and increased strength.  I added the increased strength because the suit can do things like rip parking meters out of a concrete floor and use the concrete as a weapon. The entirety of the trailer seemed very comical as Frank took to Twitter to post his chaotic encounter with the zombies and as well as taking selfies whenever he can.


While we aren’t sure how this game will tie into the Dead Rising story, if there really is one, we do know that it will live up to the B movie legacy that it’s always had.  If not an Evil Dead legacy, then more of a Shaun of the Dead type legacy.  The only hope that we have is that the character wasn’t returned to give fans the same thing that the first game offered but with extra areas to explore.  But, we will just have to wait and see when it does come out on Xbox One.

Check out the E3 trailer for it below:

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