E3 2016: Want More Gwent?


CD Projekt Red isn’t slowing down after the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and especially after their last DLC, Blood and Wine.  In fact, they want to please fans even more now with the announcement of their newest PS4, Xbox One, and PC game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.  While it wasn’t necessarily the highlight of the show, fans of the series were definitely excited that they didn’t have to turn to the base game, (or if you picked up the physical DLC bundles), in order to get their Gwent fix.  At the Xbox conference this past E3, the developers announced the game to be playable exactly as it would be in the base game, with the ability to play whomever they want to challenge as well as a gritty single player mode, much in The Witcher fashion.

The single player will be several hours long and will include its own story as well as dilemmas that are completely voiced over with a map to follow along with.  The thing that makes this game differ from other digital card games is the lack of mana or external forces that determine how or when a card can be used.  Everything lies within the cards themselves so it turns into a game of poker in the sense that you just have to have the highest score while still being able to play cards that can bump you up if your opponent surprises you.


You choose a faction as well as the cards that you would like to have in your deck, similar to other digital card games, though with the faction that you choose, the game can be changed in your favor from the very beginning.  Other cards that you put down give you a number rating and it is your job to have a higher number rating than your opponent as well as to incapacitate them however you can.  Some cards can completely remove a set of your opponents cards while others can just incapacitate them for a period of time.  It is up to you how you plan on playing the game because once you run out of cards or have fewer points, the game is over for you.  Different cards are placed in different areas so always make sure to play your hand at the appropriate times and watch your opponents table.

The game will hopefully release sometime this year, as you are already able to go to the official website and sign up for the beta that will release sometime in September of this year.

Check out the official announcement trailer for the game below:

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