E3 2016 – ‘Detroit: Become Human’ Changes How We View Humanity

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Those who have ever played video games are no stranger to the games that have been developed by Quantic Dream.  Farenheit and Heavy Rain are among a few of the games that have changes the face of decision based games and have left an imprint in the genre that can only be described as breathtaking.  Their upcoming game, Detroit: Become Human will continue to follow that decision formula but this time, allows so many more outcomes than ever imagined.  At the Sony conference this past E3, a new trailer unveiled a single scenario in which an android takes a little girl hostage and threatens to jump off the top of a building, killing them both.  Androids have become normal in mainstream living and most people utilize them as either servants or workforce associates that are only good at that one thing.

The trailer follows Connor, a police model that is tasked with hunting down androids that have deviated from their programs.  Connor is sent to the roof to talk to this android and that’s where you are shown all of the possible outcomes that could change the game, including the outcome where Connor is killed.  Dying will not change the pace of the game as it will continue on and move onto a different character that has not died yet.  However, if any character dies, there’s no telling what it could mean to the outcome of certain events.


You are faced with many different options and dialogue choices that appear in front of you with a percentage of how much of a chance you have at your preferred outcome.  For example, if you spoke to him and he seems hostile and ready to jump from the rooftop, then it would probably be best not t step towards him when the option to comes up.  This trailer shows us much more than last year’s trailer did and also shows just how far Quantic Dream has come to giving us a game that challenges the limits of graphic output as well as realistic decision making outcomes.

Connor from this trailer as well as Kara from last year’s trailer have been the only two playable characters to appear since the game was announced but as we near the ending of 2016, we hope to see more from this beautiful game.

There has been no release date but it is set to be exclusive to the Playstation 4 console.

Check out the E3 trailer below:


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