Box Office Numbers: June 24-26

FSoJ MP.jpg5.Free State of Jones, $7.7 Million

Some might say that an R-rated civil war flick with a $50 million budget isn’t the smartest idea, but with a great cast maybe something can come of it. With only a $7.7 million opening the studio can only hope that the film has legs and can make its money back. The real problem here is timing, in the middle of blockbuster season you shouldn’t release a civil war drama even if it has a star studded cast. With weak critical scores it doesn’t look good for McConaughey and Free State of Jones.


The Shallows MP.jpg4.The Shallows, $16.7 Million

A Shark and Ryan Reynolds baby mama, Blake Lively, are the stars of this film. With only 200 yards to the shore and a great white shark between her and safety. Not with great critical acclaim but a modest budget of $17 million can make this little movie profitable for them. Only in its first weekend of domestic release and it’s almost made all of their production budget back, and in the middle of summer they’re probably banking on the fact that moviegoers want to go see a shark flick right before they head to the beach.


CI mp.jpg3.Central Intelligence, $18.3 million

Now in its second week of release, this buddy spy comedy has brought in a worldwide total of $83.4 million, with a pretty hefty budget for a comedy of $50 million. Only dropping 48% from its first week which is relatively good for a comedy, and hopefully this can roll over into next week with The Purge: Election Year, The legend of Tarzan, and The BFG (Big Friendly giant, which is directed by Steven Spielberg and brought to you by Disney, the first time the two work together) being the only heavy hitters coming out next week, with a lack of a raunchy comedy this should give them a little more cash than they anticipated.


IDR MP2.Independence Day: Resurgence, $41.6 Million

20 years have gone by since the aliens first attacked the earth, and it isn’t a fun ride this time around. With Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman reprising their roles as David Levinson and President Whitmore, they must ban together to stop another alien invasion from consuming the earth again. Only making $41.6 Million opening weekend and on a $165 million production budget and that doesn’t include the marketing for the film, and there was a heavy marketing push for this film. There is light at the end of the tunnel for them with the foreign market bringing in $99.5 million overseas, with a worldwide total to $140.5 million.


Finding Dory MP.jpg1.Finding Dory, $72.9 million

The sequel to Pixar’s Finding nemo, which broke opening weekend records for an animated film last week with a $135 million opening and a big name to live up to in Finding Nemo which cameout almost 13 years ago. Have no fear Disney and Pixar are at it again in their money making ways with $286 million haul in domestically in just two weeks and almost $400 million worldwide, but with the BFG coming out next weekend, can Dory keep her spot at number 1 animated film in the box office right now?

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