What Board Games Do We Want to See?

We are in an era where board games seem to be popping up from everywhere based off of games or cult icons that we all know and love. The most recent two being Space Goat Productions’s Evil Dead 2 board game and Steamforged Games’s Dark Souls board game. Both are very interesting concepts and the developers of these games have home above and beyond to provide players with an experience that can be enjoyed alongside their original counterparts. But with that being said, there is a whole line of board games that could be developed in reference to some of today, (and yesterday’s) hottest games and movies that people would be crazy not to pick up. I am n board game connoisseur and the thoughts that I have here might not resonate well in the idea of making a board game so if any of the following suggestions sound either impossible or downright dumb, feel free to let me know.



Re-Animator isn’t a good movie, it’s a phenomenal one, and it transcends beyond what is normally believed about the relationship between life and death. Countless fans have dressed up as Herbert West during horror and cult conventions, citing the film series as their favorite of all time. Who wouldn’t like it? It’s a very realistic, if not somewhat plausible, take on life after death and how the brain still has enough time to survive far after it has broken down. Herbert West wants to prove his experiment a success by injecting his special serum into the bodies of deceased patients. Of course, this doesn’t yield well as the bodies are re-animated and go forth destroying everything in their path, a side effect of a large dosage of the serum, (though it is never really confirmed if that was the case).

A board game could have something to do with players taking the roles of Herbert West, Dan Cain, and Megan Halsey, (as well as a few more), in order to escape from the bodies that are fighting against their decomposed bodies. It could be something along the lines of defeating some kind of evil using the serum or simply trying to escape without having your entrails ripped out. Different modes within the game would allow for more versatile gameplay and can allow for longer and different play styles each time it is played. If anything, the game would do really well if it mimicked certain characteristics from other board games such as Betrayal at House on the Hill and allowed for one character to seek out the demise of others through a series of cards that are played throughout the game.

The X-Files


Yes, I am well aware that The X Files already has a board game, or some kind of card game, but what would make an even better take on the series would be a much grittier tale. Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are taking on a whole new beast. It could act as a kind of Season 11 that takes place before this year’s X Files debut. You have different pieces on the board depicting the different monsters and entities that have come before within the series and characters like The Cigarette Man, Skinner, and Krycek, need to focus on the specific task of their character. The game could be played where no one knows who the other’s character is, allowing for each character to utilize the element of surprise when moving forward with their own plan. For example, if I am playing as The Cigarette Man, it is my duty to stop Scully and Mulder from progressing forward, having to use the cards in my hand to end their turn as quickly as possible or make my character progress significantly.

Characters will eventually be discovered but the idea is to reach your character’s end goal prior to anyone else. It’s only a very simple take on a board game but it would be interesting nonetheless and could include elements similar to dungeons and dragons where with a series of story cards or scenarios, each game would be a totally different beast and allow for replayability beyond normal board games. Besides, who wouldn’t want a little figurine of Mulder and Scully while you solve little mysteries and uncover to truth of what is really out there.



There are a million Pokemon board games out there and each one just piles up on the other as they are released. What would make this series an awesome board game would be a single game that has purchasable expansions that allow for more intricate gameplay. Each game focused normally on a series of cards and Pokemon and had your traverse the map of the specific region that you were playing in. What would be even better is either a rollout of maps and cards that allow for new gameplay or a singular map that can be changed continuously to expand on gameplay and scenarios. Additional packs could be purchased according to region or type to be played as Pokemon that can be encountered and then utilized throughout your journey. The purpose would be the same as all other Pokemon games, to be the Master and defeat the Elite Four.

According to the rules that would be filtered out at another period in time, you would draw playable cards according to the type of game that you are playing, and would only draw Pokemon character cards either when you draw an ‘Encounter Pokemon’ card or land on space that allows you to do the same action. By the end of the game, you cannot have any more than six Pokemon laid out in front of you, (no more than six in reserve), and that is the team that you must utilize when battling. Extensive switching out will not be permitted and doing so will cost your turn to be reverted to the next person. Obviously, there are a few kinks that would need to be worked out but the idea is a lot more solid than the Pokemon board games we already have out there.



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