Review: A Pixel Story

A 2D side-scroller that both challenges you to think outside the box to solve a plethora of puzzles while reveling in the smart dialogue of your companion, A Pixel Story gives something new to players of all kinds. The game follows the story of a pixel that needs to use his special Teleportation Hat to reach the core of The System and stop the OS from dominating everything. In that sense, much of the game is filled with inside jokes about the fact that you’re in a game and you’re constantly reminded of that fact beginning from the moment you press start with a quick Pong reference. Following a simple gameplay style of just jumping and using your Teleportation Hat, (you are able to leave you hat in a certain location and then  teleport back to it when need be), you’re given the opportunity to do more than just wait for platforms to roll around or try and time the perfect just for the umpteenth time.


The hat’s real purpose is to give you a freedom that vintage platformers didn’t possess: the ability to try again before dying. Countless times did I fall off an edge or a platform only to be brought back just as quickly because the hat was elsewhere. Many puzzles utilize this feature, (spoiler), but trying to figure out every other possible way to figure it out is just as fun as well. In order for you to reach The Operator, you must find your way through six different ‘generations’, or different worlds that represent different eras in graphical capabilities. These worlds are among one of the coolest things about the game as each world updates the graphics, as well as the puzzles and traps, and moves the story forward. In order to switch between generations, you have to go to The Bedroom, which allows you to see which generations you’ve unlocked as well as lets you travel between them, making it much more simpler to traverse to different areas for any missed goods or side quests.

Another perfectly integrated resource in the game are the checkpoint chambers that automatically spawn you if you die, allowing you to continue an infinite amount of times. Considering the difficulty of some of these puzzles, this proves really beneficial and takes away the stress from focusing on not wasting lives or worrying about a health bar. They’re quick and they’re spread out pretty thick so no matter where you are, a chamber is nearby to help you so need be. This is great as you need to do some pretty deep exploring in order to meet different characters and receive different items that could help you along the way.



A Pixel Story provides a quick and witty escape into a a world that is both challenging and smart, giving real value to the $11.99 price point. The different generations themselves make the game worth it as each one offers a beautiful landscape as well as new challenges to keep you on your toes.

Developed by Lamplight Studios

Published by Rising Star Games

Reviewed on the PS4



Check out the trailer for the game below:

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