Staff Page

Natalie Collazo – Editor in Chief/ Podcaster


Twitter: @QueenOfFrowns

Natalie was born and raised in North Cuba, a gamer at heart and a cult follower by choice.

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Mike Perez – Editor/ Podcaster


Twitter: @Static_Shock43

Probably the greatest dungeon master to have ever existed, Mike soars beyond any other in terms of cult knowledge and films.

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Kari Rengifo – Podcaster / Reviewer

A mouth full of food but a stomach full of emptiness, Kari surprises all of us with the strange things that she says.

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Avo Samsundar – Podcaster

Not on every single podcast, Avo always adds great input to whatever current dumb thing we are talking about.

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Michael Soriano – Staff Writer

A fan of good flicks and great games, Michael has been writing and reviewing them on his own site,, since way before he joined the Dwellers.