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E3 2016 – Does ‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Change the Face of Digital Card Games?


Gwent isn’t the only card game that made an appearance at this past E3.  As part of Bethesda’s conference, they announced that they would give Elder Scrolls fans a bit of release with both the announcement of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and more gameplay footage of Elder Scrolls: Legends.  Legends is a collectible card game, similar to Hearthstone and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, but utilizes the lore of the Elder Scrolls to create a game in which two players battle one another with the intent of destroying each other. You start the game off with three cards and whenever your turn arrives, you are able to draw another card as well as earn one Magicka, the currency needed to play your cards, (similar to land in Magic: The Gathering).

The playing field is divided into two different lanes and whenever you play a card in either lane, you have the option to either attack a card in the same lane or attack your opponent directly.  Each lane has different conditions that allow you to make certain movements and deploy certain attacks.  The purpose of this is to deplete your enemies life to zero and win before they do it to you.  Around your character will be five runes and if you take enough damage, one of those runes will shatter, allowing you to immediately draw a card that could change the fate of the current situation.


There are five different game mode that can be explored, Story, Versus Mode, Practice, Solo Arena, and Versus Arena, allowing you to play however you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.  You collect new cards to build your decks and are also given the option to train your cards to make them even more powerful.  You choose your strategy of play as well as your path to determine what kind of player you are and wipe out the playing field.

April 29 started the closed beta for the game that will be available soon for iOS and Microsoft Windows.  Nothing yet has been said about an Android release.

Check out the gameplay overview trailer for the game below: