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E3 2016: Kratos Returns in a New Scandinavian ‘God of War’


The God of War series has always been a favorite among Playstation owners and it had been highly speculated that a new one was going to be announced for Playstation 4.  Of course, fans were right but it was announced not as everyone was expecting.  God of War will follow Kratos to Scandinavia and will follow Norse mythology, as stated through small gestures in the E3 trailer.  Kratos still utilizes his Spartan Rage attack and has the scar that Zeus gave him in the second game as well as the white skin from the murder of his family, which rules out the idea of a reboot as many people thought.  He does have a son, or at least a small boy that refers to him as his father, that also appears in the trailer.

Kratos seems to have calmed down a bit, getting angry with his son before taking a moment to calm down, take a deep breath, and control his anger.  It’s clear that the Kratos that we see in this game is not going to be the same one that was filled with hate and anguish for what he did to his family.  Most, if not all, of the Greek gods and deities were killed in the previous games so it was a little hard to tell what Kratos’s newest adventure was going to be about.

Also, his beard is not the only new thing about this new installment; the gameplay has also changed drastically compared to the previous ones.  The previous games were very similar to most ‘hack and slash’ type games where you built up combo moves and attacked rigorously through button mashing.  The trailer shows that this one will take a little bit more of a Dark Souls approach as per when Kratos nears a giant, who towers over him, and utilizes quick moves and dodges to attack him.  That’s when you see him utilize his Spartan Rage move to weaken the enemy and give his ‘son’ a chance to kill the foe.

The trailer showed this as well as a few other things that weren’t expanded further, like how it looks like you will be able to develop skill sets or how this boy is even related to Kratos as it looks like he has no mother.  The trailer ended without a release date but it definitely looks to be a mid 2017 game.

Check out the E3 gameplay trailer below:

Episode 11 – Post E3 Jitters

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The Good, The Bad, The Unforgettable: God of War


These last few Throwback Thursdays have been for relatively recent consoles and it looks like it won’t be changing with the announcement of several severely anticipated installments for some of gaming’s best franchises.  At Sony’s press conference at E3 this year, they opened up with a teaser for their newest God of War installment simply titled God of War.  The game seems to take a turn from the normal Greek mythology story line and places Kratos in a different country that utilizes Norse mythology.  However, Kratos got there somehow and that was by killing the great Greek God of War, Ares.

The PS2 game, God of War, debuted back in 2005 and was instantly a success among hack and slash type players and those well versed in Greek mythology.  The game follows Kratos, a Spartan warrior, who calls upon the help of Ares during battle to defeat his enemies.  Given his newfound power, the only exchange was that Kratos be Ares’s eternal servant and must do as he is told.  With that, Kratos is sent to a village to pillage and destroy, ultimately killing his wife and daughter in blind power, binding their ashes to his skin, (the reason for the white glow of his skin), as a constant reminder.


The game is the beginning of the Kratos’s reign and shows that the Gods are not as they seem as he fights his way to get to Ares.  The final battle also shows how Ares’s fall crowns Kratos as the new God of War.  While the entirety of the game is based off of the revenge that Kratos wants and the fact that he wants the memories of his family’s death erased from his memory, Kratos isn’t really that three dimensional.  He doesn’t have any regard for those in his way and proves that by slaughtering humans and Gods alike; in multiple ways that range from stabbing all the way to tearing apart.

While it’s difficult to fathom Kratos’s anger, the game marks the very beginning of a Spartan warrior made Greek God.

Check out the trailer below for the game back in 2005: