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Pokémon Moon Giveaway

Hey, Dwellers! We wanted to include everyone who listens to us in a giveaway hosted by the four heroes of the Good Talking Topics podcast! (Which we will soon change to ‘Far Too Long’ if second to last episode was any indication). We wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to join in on the fun so we wanted to make it easy:

1. Follow @DWINPodcast on Twitter! 

2. Mention us in a tweet about something you’d like to hear from the podcast

3. DM is when a winner is announced on our next episode being recorded Friday, 12/23

We hope to see you guys as hyped as we are and we hope you guys continue to listen in! If not, you should! We plan on moving forward with more game reviews and content that we want to share closer to release so pleased check us out! 

What We Think About the Nintendo Problem


While there’s a large group of people that completely adore Nintendo for their never aging franchises as well as their state of the art hardware, there’s a whole side of the world that dislikes them for those same reasons. ¬†Nintendo, as of late, seems to have been making relatively poor decisions in regards to the direction that they want to go in reference to both hardware development and software. ¬†The Wii U, while not considered to be completely hot garbage, didn’t sell as well as expected and some Nintendo fans completely opted out of buying the product for the simple reason that it’s development only enhanced the same features available on the original Wii minus a few graphical enhancements and publishing licences. ¬†The consoles was meant to be more expansive and was meant to reach wider audiences with titles like¬†Assassin’s Creed III¬†and¬†Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition made to appeal to more hardcore gamers rather than the demographic of children.

That being said, their handheld hardware, the 3DS hasn’t seen any changes, (minus a few hardware upgrades), since 2011 and the publishing and developing of games for it doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. ¬†One of the big reasons for this is that the publishing rights that Nintendo has acquired for the 3DS is for games that appeal to wider audiences in North America as opposed to the home console games that the Wii U was putting out. ¬†More people cared about Monster Hunter than they ever did about¬†ZombiU and it led to higher sales of both the 3DS and the 2DS. ¬†This is the exact direction that Nintendo needs to go if they want to stay afloat with their next home console release, the Nintendo NX. ¬†Nintendo needs to focus on publishing games that more fans of the JRPG genre want without the ridiculous censorship that Nintendo Treehouse has been doing.


Many of Nintendo’s personal franchises, like The Legend of Zelda and Mario, haven’t proven to be of much use to the Wii U and have only allowed for more fans to ridicule the company for their disconnect to their fans. ¬†However, aside from the censorship on games like Fire Emblem: Birthright¬†and¬†Conquest as well as¬†Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, their publishing of Japanese games seems to be exactly what they need in order to stay above in the market. ¬†These games are only available on Nintendo platforms and they are what is holing their slowly dissipating fanbase. ¬†While no one wants to see Nintendo be punished for their own actions, it’s hard to argue¬†against considering their lack of understanding what it is that their North American fans want. ¬†You should know that you messed up once your own fans go outside of the country to buy a game that you just released in their country.

Hopefully, with the promise of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being an incredible title to the Zelda series as well as an incredible launch title for the Nintendo NX, Nintendo can begin their turnaround from a poor developer to an esteemed publisher instead.