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Episode 11 – Post E3 Jitters

We have a special guest on this week’s episode, Avo, talking with us about everything that happened at E3 as well as a few ramblings of our own!

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Episode 10 – E3 and Questions, But at Different Times

This episode is divided into two halves with the first being about our thoughts on the upcoming E3 and the second being about a few questions that Kariana had for us. Listen in and join our conversation!

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Episode 8 – The One Where We Try To Answer Questions

SPOILERS – There are a few Uncharted 4 spoilers in here and while most of them are not real, there is one that sort of spoils something. Other than that, we announce our Uncharted 4 giveaway winners.  

The rule is that the winners need to DM us on Twitter first and then we can give the codes out. That way, we know that you still want the code and that we give it to the right person.  

Other than that, enjoy our ramblings and our question answering segment, (although we jump around from topic to topic).

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