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The Good, The Bad, The Unforgettable: Troll 2

For those of you who are into the pop culture aspect of films and general media, (and you really shouldn’t be here if you aren’t), then I’m sure all of you have discovered Hulu’s most recent film additionTroll 2. Now, before you say anything about it being a sequel or anything, let me tell you now that THERE ISN’T A PREQUEL. Not only did this film inspire conventions dedicated solely to the film, but it also inspired a documentary written by the child star of the film. But before we delve into the outside aspect of the film, let’s talk about what this piece of art really was; the best worst movie.


Troll 2 stars Michael Stephenson as Joshua Walts, a little boy whose family will be spending time vacationing for a home exchange program in a town called Nilbog, despite the warnings that his deceased grandfather, Seth, gives him. Of course, he doesn’t have much control over his father’s decisions and they leave for the town. Shortly after arriving, Joshua is warned by his grandfather, who takes the form of a hitchhiker, that anything consumed at Nilbog will turn the family into plants. Joshua then sets to destroy anything edible once they arrive, getting him in trouble on multiple occasions.

The town is then discovered to be run by goblins, Nilbog backwards, and it is discovered that the goblin queen is using a stone from Stonehenge to make the goblins more powerful. It is then up to Joshua and his family to call upon Seth to destroy the goblin queen and get everyone out alive.

The story is riddled with awkward dialogue and plot devices that don’t make sense, (like the fact that there aren’t any trolls in the film). Despite that, the film has become a huge cult sensation and people all over North America have private screenings where they invite the cast to talk about their experiences as well as act out their favorite scenes.


In 2007, Michael Stephenson created a documentary on the film that recounts his experience with doing the film and how he didn’t even realize what he had done until after the production, when he saw the film on VHS. The film, titled Best Worst Movie, visits the homes of some of the stars of the film and brings them all together to discuss their experiences with the film; all of which had similar encounters with the lack of communication regarding the films release. It is also showcases discussions with the films director and writer, Claudio Fragasso, and his dream for the film and what it became.

All in all, it’s a film worth watching at least once and if you haven’t already, open up your Hulu account, or sign up for a free thirty day trial, and watch it!